7 Reasons to choose our law firm

  • We are good at analysing problems, we provide creative solutions and we make easy and understandable what seems complicate.
  • We are enthusiasts of our work, we care about details and our aim is to make things better every day.
  • We are aware of the rapid changes that are taking place and we are working to become a 100% digital firm.
  • Our legal advice is always business oriented and with a view to the client’ strategy.
  • Above all we care about people (inside and outside the firm).
  • We know we have to earn our client’s trust every day, so we act accordingly.
  • Our main purpose is to work so that your legal experience with us is and continues to be unique and exceptional.

Areas of

Copyright and Trademark Law

Media and Entertainment

Internet and New Technologies

Privacy and Data Protection

Corporate Law

Tax Law


Our clients are Spanish and foreign companies that belong to diverse economic sectors such as communication media, television, advertising, music, technology, Internet, retail, banking, tourism, fashion, automotive and Big Data.

Our restless side

Baschwitz is not just a law firm.

Since the setting up of the firm, we have considered that spending part of our time to innovate, test, share experiences with our clients and participate in singular projects, would be enriching as lawyers and would help us to improve our legal counselling. This has led us to initiatives such as Legal Angels®, ULegal®, Dream & Make® and many others we are working on. Take a look!