It all begins with curiosity
and the persistent desire
to learn and improve.

About us

We are a team of curious and restless people, passionate about culture, innovation, technology and digital transformation that turned out to be also lawyers.

As a law firm, our goal is to provide the best legal experience ever to any person or company who contact us since we know that a satisfied client is our best influencer.

Our firm is specialized in Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Image Rights, New Technologies and Internet Law, Data Protection and Privacy Law and, thanks to our alliance with certain prestigious firms, we also provide legal advice in other areas of law such as Corporate Law, Litigation and Tax Law.

If something sets us apart is that we continuously seek to adapt our legal advice to the sign of the times and to the evolution and transformation of companies and society. We strive to stay abreast of technological advances and trends (The Internet of Things – IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Cars, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Semantic Engineering and eSports, among others), analysing how they fit into the current legal framework and keeping a close watch on any changes or new legislation so that we can advise our clients on these new matters as they emerge.

We are working hard to become a 100% digital firm and to offer a more effcient client service but at the same time focusing in our priority: being a human, close and bespoke firm.

And the best of all … we like to explore new things, act as “Legal Angels” and take part in projects that will help enrich ourselves as lawyers and improve our advice.

Some of our projects are:

Legal Angels®

Is an initiative that provides legal advice to start-ups over a period of time in exchange for a percentage in the equity stake of the company.


We collaborate with the Company Uground, creator of a pioneering technology in Spain, in a study on the environment of law firms and legal counsels, analyzing the technological developments that have taken place in the legal sector, as well as the measures that are being adopted to face the digital transformation with the aim of creating a technological solution that revolutionizes the legal sector.

Dream & Make®

We are working on this project together with The Valley Digital Business School, a benchmark in training, events, talent and digital ecosystem in Spain. The idea is to participate and collaborate with them in the creation of a university degree following the methodology of “learning by doing”, completely tailor-made, to educate and train multidisciplinary, flexible and agile profiles that are already demanding today’s companies.